Streaming Video and Automatic Refresh
Webcam supports MJPEG streaming of most webcams out of the box. Even if your webcam does not support MJPEG it still is enough if it supports snapshots (JPEG, PNG, GIF), as Webcam's automatic refresh feature pulls the images as fast as your webcam updates them to your iPhone or iPod touch's screen. So you can everywhere enjoy streaming video of your private webcam.
Easy adding of your own webcam
Using webcam on the iPhone or iPod touch you can simply add most IP based webcams manually. You can also use webcams convenient network scanner to detect any supported webcam in the local network.
Multiple Webcam Directories
If you want to watch a public available webcam you can browse our growing online directory and add favorites with a click. You can also add new public webcams using our website. We also integrated the Mobotix directory which gives you access to their cameras worldwide.
Differences between the available versions